The Art of Cathy Hegman

Demonstration 2

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Step 1:

 I will be demonstrating one of the paintings in a series of paintings of artist's brushes.I began the painting by having fun.  I put paint on the board with only one objective and that was to put down colors I would like to see through the successive layers.








Step 2:

I thought it would be fun to check the values in  the early stages of the painting.  I also decided that the design appealed

more to me in the vertical position.  I believe it always key to check the values at several stages in the painting.









 Step 3:

  I start to layer and establish my design in more detail.  I begin to make interesting shapes with the paint. I am not being careful to remain realistic.   I want an interesting design and value pattern not a realistic painting. I will use 5 paint brushes as the odd number is always more interesting than the even and the one palette.  I have arranged my brushes to make it form a dynamic design. 







Step 4:

Time to check on the values again!








Step 5:

I begin to simplify the patterns and to subdue and gray the intensity of the colors.  This serves to give the piece more harmony in the design and in the color.  It also sets the stage for me to be able to put in a few key colors to carry my design and my intention with this painting. Note I have turned it upside down to see if the design looks good from all angles.









Step 6:


I decided to glaze the whole piece with quinacridone gold.  I think it will warm the painting up a bit and also serve to give it even more unity.  I chose the gold because it usually is a good glazing color as it harmonizes well over other colors








Step 7: The finale


 I decide it looks better to me and I flip it again to get the format that looks the best.  I add the final details and add the numbers as this one is titled "Paint by Numbers" to give it the finishing touches.



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